Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Real Good Guys

We attend many Atlantic League games during the season, but Saturday night we had the opportunity to watch one on ESPN.  The center of the baseball world has been firmly planted in Sugar Land, Texas this week with the much anticipated return to the mound of Roger Clemens.

Roger Clemens

Obviously the attention was all on Clemens.  As the lineups were given and the Skeeters took the field, the boys were cheering LOUD...but not for Clemens.  While they were excited to see him pitch like the rest of us, they were more excited to see the "other" guys...guys they know.

"Look dad, there's Vic!"  "Dad, Iggy is starting at short!"  "I can't believe Octavio gets to catch Roger Clemens". "Why is Hagen not starting?"  "There's Mr. Upshaw!"  "Mom, Luis is getting ready to bat" Those were just a few of the things Debbie and I got to hear as we were watching the game. 

While the opportunity to watch one of baseball's greatest pitchers of all time was special, we would never trade it for the impact the "other" guys have made on our boys lives.  The Atlantic League is full of these guys that we get to know and watch each summer.  While many said the Atlantic League would have a chance to shine Saturday night, it definitely did and continues to shine bright in our house...Thanks!

Luis Lopez

Octavio Martinez

Iggy Suarez

Matt Hagen

Vic Gutierrez


  1. Great post my friend! I too am a fan of the Atlantic League. My son Zach and wife Heather as well as myself are Long Island Ducks fans.
    I will give you props and re-tweet your blog.
    Felix Rotger

  2. Thanks Felix. We live in Lancaster and are big Barnstormer fans but the league if full of great guys on every team and deserves some recognition.

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