Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Game 27: Lancaster Barnstormers 17 Long Island Ducks 3

Friday night we got to watch the Lancaster Barnstormers and the Long Island Ducks with some new friends from Long Island.  Earlier in the year, I received a letter from a 7 year old boy named Kyle from Long Island.  He sent me some signed Ducks schedules and $1 for a donation to NAAF.  We knew they would be coming to Lancaster to watch a game and we were excited to meet him and his family. 

Blake, Kyle, and Gavin

As we were getting some autographs from Ducks players dad spotted a father and son in Ducks gear.  It was Kyle and his dad Brian.  They brought us a 2012 Ducks team set to get autographed as well as some pocket schedules from the Ducks and Brooklyn Cyclones.  Kyle also got 2 pocket schedules autographed while they were at a Rockland Boulders game this summer. 

Kyle's favorite player is "Mr. Ray" Ray Navarrette.  Ray is one of the greats in the league and has always been kind to Gavin and I.  The first 2 times he was in the on deck circle, Kyle went down and game him a pound.  Ray then pounded the ball out of the park for 2 home runs in his first 2 at bats.  We then had to take Kyle away to the bumper boats before Ray got up again. Sorry Ray :)

Bumper Boats

Gavin and Kyle really had fun playing in the play land and trying to soak me on the bumper boats.  We went back and had snow cones with his sisters and watched the rest of the game.  It was exciting for us because it was a huge win for the Barnstormers.  As for Kyle's family...they saw the Ducks lose Thursday night 11-0 to York and then 17-3 to Lancaster.    That probably won't matter in a few weeks as they are already in the playoffs. It was really great meeting some new friends and hopefully next year we can take in a game at Long Island.

Today's Autographs: 21
2012 Autographs: 725
2012 My donation: $36.62

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