Thursday, July 25, 2013

Game 13: Barnstormers 7 Skeeters 8

Monday night we went to the Barnstormers game to see the Sugar Land Skeeters.  It was the first game we made it to in a while since Gavin and I were playing so much.  We like watching the Skeeters especially since our friend Adam is playing there.  We had some cards to get signed as well as some of the game programs that the Skeeters sent us.  The Barnstormers lost the game 8-7 but it was good to be back at the park.

Adam Godwin

Koby Clemens

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2013 Autographs: 194
2013 My donation: $9.70

Friday, July 12, 2013


Today our blog reached 50,000 views.  I don't know if that is good for 2 years or not but it was pretty cool to see.  Thanks to all who read and follow along on our journey!


Thursday, July 11, 2013

Game 12: ValleyCats, #1 Draft Pick Mark Appel, & Tommy John

We were in NY last weekend to visit family and wanted to make the trip to Albany to see the Tri City ValleyCats.   I can say that no team has been more supportive of us and our efforts than the ValleyCats.  Two years ago, Michelle Skinner sent us several packages including lots of old card sets, bobble heads, t shirts, and other fun team stuff.  The coolest thing she did was get the ValleyCats and Finnigan's Sports Cards to team up and make a donation to NAAF from their card sales. 

Michelle Skinner with a signed copy of the NAAF newsletter

ValleyCats and Jeff Finnigan's donation to NAAF

We went to go see the ValleyCats and get one of those big checks on the field in August of 2011 when THIS happened.  While we never made it up there then, we knew this was our chance.  We were going to go on Friday the 5th but the team announced that #1 draft pick, Mark Appel, would be making his professional debut. While it would have been cool to see him pitch, there was a slight problem.  1. It would be PACKED!  2.  Pitchers don't sign autographs on the days the pitch. 

We really wanted to try to get his autograph, so we waited until Saturday to go...Good choice!  On our way there, Michelle called and said they had Tommy John there speaking to fans about ALS.  While he would go out for the first pitch, he wanted to let a kid throw it for him.  Michelle let Gavin and I throw out the first pitch for Tommy John. Most kids only know Tommy John for the surgery, but Gavin and I already knew him.  He was the manager of the Bridgeport Bluefish from 2007 to 2009.  It was fun to talk to him about the Atlantic League and the time he spent visiting Lancaster. 

Tommy John with Blake and Gavin

Last minute tips from Tommy John

First Pitches

After the pitches, we got to stand down on the line for the National Anthem.  Mark Appel came out to line up with the team but we thought it might be too late.  We asked Michelle if we could get his autograph real quick after the anthem and she said yes.  Mark was very nice and signed a ball for Gavin and I.  The game was about to start so we didn't ask to get a picture with him but the autographed balls are awesome!

#1 Draft pick Mark Appel

The ballpark is really nice and very family friendly.  We loved the speed pitch...I topped out at 51 and Gavin topped out at 44.  Kyle loved Southpaw...and Spiderman.  It was superhero night so he kept wanting to go see Spiderman.

Kyle and Spiderman

Kyle batting

Blake pitching

Gavin pitching

Finnigan's Sports Cards machine

Michelle gave me the magnet from the machine they had on in 2011

It was a beautiful night and good to finally get to meet Michelle and thank her for all she and the staff have done for us!  They are a first class operation! Thanks again...we will be back!

Kyle got Southpaw's autograph

Mark Appel x2, Tommy John

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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Games 10 & 11: War of the Roses

Last weekend the Barnstormers took on their rivals the York Revolution and it would be the first time we'd see them play each other this year.  Friday night the Barnstormers had "What Could Have Been" night and they were the "Lancaster Hex".  They wore special jerseys that were auctioned off and also had a silent auction to raise money for the players clubhouse dues.  We ended up getting a pair of Horacio Ramirez game used cleats for only $5. 


Gavin throwing balls into the stands

Blake kicking Gavin's tire

My cousins Garrett and Chad came with us that night too before they left for vacation.  Gavin and I were selected to do the tire race game in between innings... I won :)  As for the game, the Barnstormers won 10-1.  We went back Saturday night and got there early so Gavin could tape his next Kid Reporter video.  Hopefully we can get a link to the ones he has done soon.  The Barnstormers lost to York 4-0. 

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Monday, July 1, 2013

Manheim Township All Stars

I'm proud to announce that Blake and Gavin have both been selected to their age groups Little League All Stars.  Blake made it for the 3rd straight season and Gavin was selected to play in the U9 team. 

Gavin #23 and Blake #19
Blake's games started over the weekend but he is not cleared to play.  Last week in practice, while pitching, he took a line drive off the head and ended up with a concussion.  The team won it's first 2 games and he's hoping to be cleared to play for Tuesday night.

Gavin's tournament starts July 13th at Garden Spot and he's excited to play!