Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Card Set, Candy Drop and Thunderstorms

The Barnstormers were having a big game last Thursday.  It was a big game for kids!  This was the night they would be giving away their 2014 team card set and they also had a helicopter that was going to do a candy drop for kids after the game.  I was at some friends playoff baseball game but Gavin and dad went to the Barnstormers.  Gavin was looking forward to the candy drop.  

Gavin got a ball!

Jason Richardson signing for Gavin
They got there early to get their card sets and were able to get lots of them signed.  About the 3rd inning the skies opened up and a huge storm hit.  Dad even got a picture of Barnstormers manager, Butch Hobson, helping the grounds crew with the tarp.  

Butch Hobson helping the grounds crew
The game went into a looooooong rain delay and so they left.  Because of the storm, the candy drop was also cancelled.  It was a cool idea and they did reschedule it for August 15.  Oh yea, they did resume play about 10:30 and the Barnstormers won 9-5 when the game finally ended!

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Independence Day Baseball!

I was away with a friend over the July 4th weekend, but Gavin was able to catch a Barnstormers game.  My cousins Brooke and Garrett were in from Tennessee so he was able to go to the game with them.  Gavin was able to get a few autographs before the game, even though it was packed!  It was the 3rd largest crowd in Barnstormers history...8,294!  It probably helped that it was the cross town rival York Revolution and a great 4th of July fireworks display!  One of the things that the Barnstormers bullpen does is line up somewhere different every game for the National Anthem.  Tonight, they stretched along the infield grass and all held American flags! The Barnstormers won 4-3 but Gavin spent much of the night just catching up with cousins.

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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Providence Friars Coach Ed Cooley

This past week we got a really cool box in the mail.  We get to see a lot of Big East basketball and had been watching some Providence games.  I noticed that Friars Coach, Ed Cooley, had a bald spot on his head and wondered if it could be alopecia areata.  We wrote a letter to Coach Cooley and told him of what we are doing in trying to raise awareness for alopecia areata. So back to the box... in the box, coach sent us an autographed photo, Providence backpack, 2 t shirts, a hat, and a water bottle.  Better than all of that was a hand written letter from Coach Cooley stating how proud he was of what we were doing and that he was glad to help.  We are hoping to catch the Friars in action next basketball season when they are in the Philly area.  Thanks Coach!  We appreciate it!

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Monday, July 7, 2014

Games 3 &4: Blue Crabs @ Lancaster

We were able to make it back to the ball park last weekend and couldn't wait to see the Southern Maryland Blue Crabs.  We are huge Luke Murton fans and he just joined the Atlantic League a couple weeks before.  Luke is our Uncle and Aunts nephew and we've got to see him play different times since he was at Georgia Tech. We got there early on Friday and got to see Luke and catch up with him.

Lance Burkhart is the manager for the Blue Crabs now after spending 8 of the last 9 years in a Barnstormers uniform as player and then hitting coach. Before the game, Lance was inducted into the Barnstormers Ring of Honor as part of the 10th season celebration.

Sunday we got to play catch on the field and then we were asked to be the "Play Ball" family.  After the National Anthem we got the say "Play Ball"  Gavin and Kyle went on the bumper boats and Kyle fell into the pool.  He was wearing a life jacket, but dad had to dive in and get him.  At least it was a hot day so they could cool off.  Dad had some of our cards in his pocket so they are a little wrinkled and not in the best shape, but we did get them dried off. Kyle just said "I sinked" but he does want to ride the bumper boats again, so that is good.  The Blue Crabs took both games we were at and Luke played great!

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