Monday, August 6, 2012

Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick

One of the coolest parts about our trip to DC was meeting Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick.  Our other appointments on Capitol Hill were with staff members, but Mr. Fitzpatrick was still in his office and met with us himself along with his staff person Katie.  We had a chance to talk to them about alopecia areata and how they can help.  Mr. Fitzpatrick took the time to talk to each of us kids there about our hobbies, where we lived in PA, where we went to school, and just got to know us a little bit.  Before we left, he took pictures with the kids individually and also a group shot of us all.  Friday in the mailbox was a photo of Mr. Fitzpatrick and I signed.  Thanks Congressman Fitzpatrick and Katie for the picture.  I love it! 

Today's Autographs: 1
2012 Autographs: 643
2012 My donation: $32.52

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