Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Game 16: Clowning Around with Kyle

My Grandpa has been in the hospital and we wanted to get to visit one more time before school started so Gavin and I went to NY to see him and my Grandma.  There was a clown convention going on in Lancaster last week, so dad took Kyle to the Barnstormers game where they were having a clown parade on Friday. 

Cylo's #1 fan

Kyle LOVED the clowns!  We weren't sure if he would like them or be scared but dad said he just wanted to walk around and look at clowns and Cylo.  There were over 100 clowns there and Kyle got to meet many of them and get his picture with them.  It was also team card set giveaway and so Kyle went down to get a few of his cards signed too.  He did really well...probably because he was so cute they couldn't refuse! 

Gustavo Molina signing for Kyle

Another Clown in the bullpen

Saturday morning there was a write up in the newspaper about the clowns being there and Kyle was in one of the pictures too!  He had so much fun and saw LOTS of clowns...I just hope he doesn't expect them all the time at games now :)

Kyle in the Lancaster Newspaper

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