Monday, August 12, 2013

Game 14: Duck Dynasty's Mountain Man

Last weekend was a big one for the Lancaster Barnstormers.  One of the biggest shows on TV right now is Duck Dynasty.  The Barnstormers invited Mountain Man to come meet with fans and sign autographs for the night.  He talks really slow like in the show and even announced the batters for an inning.  He was really nice to all the fans and took lots of pictures and signed autographs.  I was able to get my ticket stub signed and get a picture with him.

Our friends Isaac and Abe came with us and got to play catch on the field before the game.  Gavin and Abe are big superhero fans and Wolverine was there as well.  We all got our picture with him when we got there.  It was a great night to hang with friends and watch the game even though the Barnstormers lost.

Duck Dynasty's Mountain Man

Isaac, Gavin, Blake, and Abe with Wolverine

Today's Autographs:  3
2013 Autographs: 198
2013 My donation: $9.90

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