Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Little League World Series Day 1

We made our first ever trip to Williamsport last week to watch the start of the Little League World Series and do some camping.  It would be our first time for both and we were really excited.  We went with our friends Abe and Isaac, and their dad Eric.  We left Wednesday to set up camp and get ready for our first Little League experience Thursday.

We've arrived!

Little League World Series

First Pitch of the 2013 LLWS
Overlooking Lamade Stadium

We got to the complex Thursday to take in the first game which was Panama against Puerto Rico.  We parked out in the outfield grass and had a great view of the game.  Daniel Fernandez hit a home run for Panama that went right over our heads in center field.  Panama went on to win 9-4 and we headed over to Lamade Stadium to watch Texas and Washington.  Washington won that one 8-4.
While dad and Gavin headed up to get some food, they ran into Karl Ravech from ESPN and Gavin got his picture with him.

Karl Ravech, ESPN
Texas vs Washington

Gavin and Abe taking in the view

There is so much to do there besides watching the games.  We spent some time walking around meeting some of the players and getting autographs.  One of the players stood out more than most and that was Chad Lorkowski from Great Lakes.  As you can tell by the picture, he did stand out.  He is listed at 6'3" and we are the same age! 

Chad Lorkowski and Blake

Autographs from Great Lakes players

It was really cool getting to see the players from different countries.  I had asked a couple of kids from Czech Republic to sign my book and the rest of the team came over and wanted to sign it too. This was the first appearance for them ever in the LLWS and they were having a blast.  One player shook my hand and thanked me for being a fan...he would be heard from again on Friday!

Czech Republic


West...California Micah Pietila-Wiggs 

The sponsors have tents set up all through the complex as well with games and giveaways.  After taking some cuts in the Kellogg's booth, we headed back to camp to do a little fishing and get ready for some big games on Friday.

Tony the Tiger

Gavin in the Kellogg's booth

Blake in the Kellogg's cage

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  1. Glad you guys had fun! Its a great experience for all!