Friday, July 27, 2012

Game 21: Lancaster Barnstormers 4 Bridgeport Bluefish 3

Sunday night after we returned from the NAAF conference we went back to work.  We got to the ballpark early to shoot some new kid reporter videos.  Gavin's question was "What is your favorite Olympic sport?" and mine was "What is your favorite baseball movie?"  Hopefully the will get put up soon so we can let you see them.  After we were done in the clubhouse, we went down to the batting cages to see our friend Luis Lopez who was in town with the Bluefish.  We watched them take some swings in the cage and then headed out to watch the game.  We wanted to get some of our Bluefish cards signed since we may only see them 1 more time this year.   

Kid Reporters

Bridgeport Bluefish Shea Hillenbrand

Today's Autographs: 17
2012 Autographs: 603
2012 My donation: $30.52

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