Monday, July 9, 2012

Game 18: Philadelphia Phillies 0 Atlanta Braves 5

Part 2 of the Friday double header was the Phillies game.  My friend, Jacob, called me Thursday night and said that his dad had Phillies tickets for Friday night against the Braves.  I was so happy to be able to go and it was announced that it would be Ryan Howards first game back from the DL.  I took some Phillies cards to try to get signed but our seats were right behind the Braves dugout.  I didn't have any Braves cards with me but I was able to get Matt Diaz to sign the back of my ipod cover. It was a great game until the grand slam by Brian McCann in the 8th...Phils lose again.  While down looking for autographs, I spotted someone that I recognized and was able to get a picture...that will be Fridays post...stay tuned.

Ryan Howard's first game back

Matt Diaz  Philippians 1:6

Jacob and Blake
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