Friday, July 13, 2012

The Baseball Collector...Zack Hample

I mentioned earlier in my post about the Phillies game that I had recognized someone and got a picture with them.  As you can tell by the title it is Zack Hample.  He is the best at getting baseballs at games.  Gavin and I have quite a few minor league balls, but this guy is insane!  He has over 6,000 baseballs that he gets at Major League games and has even written a couple of books about it.  We started following his blog a couple years back after seeing him on tv, and we even recognized him on Sports Center top plays a few times.  I didn't tell Zack what I was doing but wish I would have...maybe he'll read this.  I also forgot to get his autograph.  I had a card of Citizens Bank Park that would have been perfect since that is where I saw him. 

Zack gets people to sponsor how many balls he gets in the season and donate the money to Pitch In For Baseball.  You can check out his fundraiser information here

This is actually where I got the idea to donate money to NAAF for the autographs I get.  While our programs are different, they still both involve giving to charity and enjoying baseball. 

Thanks Zack...hope to see you at another game sometime.  Next time I won't forget your autograph! 

Blake and Zack Hample

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