Saturday, January 7, 2012

Football Playoffs!

We were looking back at the kid reporter videos we did this summer and it was interesting to see some of the favorite teams and if they have a shot at the championship...take a look.

So here is who has teams left:

Mr. Hobson likes Alabama and the Patriots and both still have a shot at winning it all. Even with Tommy's lack of confidence in Alex Smith, the 49ers are still in the Super Bowl hunt...which has to make him happy in the off season. As for us, we are mostly Eagles fans and we know how that turned out. I am a HUGE Tim Tebow and now Broncos fan so hoping they can upset the Steelers tomorrow! GB2

So, here are Gavin and I's picks for the weekend:

Gavin: Bengals, Saints, Giants, Broncos
Blake: Texans, Saints, Falcons, Broncos (heart pick)

Who do you like?

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