Monday, June 27, 2011

Game 19: Somerset Patriots 9 Lancaster Barnstormers 5 Game 20: Lancaster Barnstormers 2 Somerset Patriots 1

"Let's play two!" OK, Mr. Banks. Sunday night was a beautiful night for baseball. After a 16 inning game on Saturday night, and a depleted Barnstormers lineup (because of players getting signed), it was going to be an interesting night of baseball. They handed out the second strip of baseball cards so I was able to get quite a few autographs. Pregame catch on the field, autographs, card giveaway, running the bases, in game fireworks (I'll explain), and a double header made for a great night.

Barnstormers Manager Butch Hobson

Kyle got to go today!

Great sunset over Clipper Magazine Stadium

Today's autographs: 22
Season autographs: 531
YTD $ raised for Alopecia Areata: $26.55


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