Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Card Set, Candy Drop and Thunderstorms

The Barnstormers were having a big game last Thursday.  It was a big game for kids!  This was the night they would be giving away their 2014 team card set and they also had a helicopter that was going to do a candy drop for kids after the game.  I was at some friends playoff baseball game but Gavin and dad went to the Barnstormers.  Gavin was looking forward to the candy drop.  

Gavin got a ball!

Jason Richardson signing for Gavin
They got there early to get their card sets and were able to get lots of them signed.  About the 3rd inning the skies opened up and a huge storm hit.  Dad even got a picture of Barnstormers manager, Butch Hobson, helping the grounds crew with the tarp.  

Butch Hobson helping the grounds crew
The game went into a looooooong rain delay and so they left.  Because of the storm, the candy drop was also cancelled.  It was a cool idea and they did reschedule it for August 15.  Oh yea, they did resume play about 10:30 and the Barnstormers won 9-5 when the game finally ended!

Today's Autographs: 42
2014 Autographs: 147
2014 My Donation $7.35

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