Saturday, June 22, 2013

Sugar Land Skeeters

The past couple of seasons we wrote letters to different minor league and independent baseball teams.  2012 was the first season for the Sugar Land Skeeters and we love watching them when they come to Lancaster or York to play.  Last season they made national news when they signed Roger Clemens to play with them. This season they also have one of our all time favorite players, Adam Godwin.  When the Skeeters were in Lancaster over Memorial Day weekend, Adam came out and played catch with us on the field for a while.  They are well on their way to making the playoffs in just their 2nd year!

They recently sent us a package that included a few programs, schedules, and stickers.  We are looking forward to seeing them again and getting the programs and schedules signed.  Thank you Skeeters for your help!

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