Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A Champion on and off the Field

Last fall I got an email from Emil Coccaro who is the clubhouse manager for the Long Island Ducks. He introduced himself and told me that he had found my site. We have a couple of things in common... our love for baseball, and alopecia areata.  Emil told me how he had alopecia as a boy and that he loved what I was doing and wanted to help.  We met at a Barnstormers game last September and he said he would get something for us.  The Ducks seem to always draw big names and former MLB players and this season is no different During the off season we stayed in touch and he was going to be in Lancaster again June 15.  We had planned to meet early and get some of the things he has collected for us but those plans changed do to an emergency.  My dad and Gavin were able to meet up with him after the ball game and talk to him for a while.  So here is what we got...
Official Atlantic League baseballs signed by:  Dontrelle Willis, Bill Hall, Ian Snell, Timo Perez, Former Met Bud Harrelson, and another ball for each of us.  This one hurt a little but was still cool to have...we each got a game used ball from the 2012 Ducks game 5 championship...against the Barnstormers!  Emil also made a donation to the National Alopecia Areata Foundation in the amount of $100 through Autographs 4 Alopecia!

Emil with the 2012 Championship trophy

We are planning on making the trip to Long Island this summer and catch a game on his turf.  Thanks Emil for the balls, letter, and donation!  Can't wait to catch up!

Dontrelle Willis, Bill Hall, Timo Perez, Game ball,
Bud Harrelson, Ian Snell

Today's Autographs:  7
2013 Autographs: 142
2013 My donation: $7.10

Other Donation: $100.00

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