Friday, May 3, 2013

Game 3: Long Island Ducks @ Lancaster Barnstormers

Last week we were getting our first chance to see the Long Island Ducks since last seasons heart breaking season finale.  The Ducks made lots of big splashes in the off season by signing MLB veterans like Vladamir Guerrero, Dontrelle Willis, Ian Snell, and Ramon Castro.  We were able to get some Ducks autographs, but only Ramon Castro of the 4 listed.  He was nice and signed 2 cards each for us.  With it being a school night, we didn't stay until the end to try to get the others.  Hopefully next time we see them, Vlad will be with the team.  We did go get some more Barnstormer cards signed and did pretty well with them.  The Barnstormers won the game and are off to a great start this season!

Former Cub Joe Mather

Today's Autographs:  24
2013 Autographs: 61
2013 My donation: $3.05

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