Tuesday, November 27, 2012


After their 8th season in the Atlantic League, the Lancaster Barnstormers have been through multiple managers, hundreds of players, front office personnel, and fans have come and gone.  One of the most consistent thing about the franchise has been their on field host...I.M. Fun

We've been to many games in the minors and there is not a better host for the game that I.M. Fun.  He is wacky, funny, and definitely entertaining.  He wears some of the craziest outfits and makes the in between inning games fun to watch.  It doesn't matter what the score is, you can definitely have a fun family night out at the ballpark knowing you'll be entertained by I.M. Fun

The Barnstormers do recognize that they have the best when they had a night to honor him and even gave away I.M. Fun bobble heads! 

Whether dressed up like Rocky, a cow, or just wearing a goofy hat, I.M. Fun is a great game host...not just for a 1/2 inning...but for the entire game!

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