Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Game 29: Crab Feast

Saturday night we went to the Barnstormers game with the Southern Maryland Blue Crabs.  It was a great night and the Barnstormers were wearing throwback jerseys that the players designed to look like the old Blue Jays.  We focused mostly on getting some Barnstormer cards signed that we still had left but we did get a few Blue Crabs as well.  My grandparents came to the game tonight and got to enjoy another Barnstormer win.  This has been an AWESOME season for the team and when the season is over I will definitely do some high lights. 

Gavin with Francisco Hernandez

Gavin, Blake, and Kody Kirkland

Today's Autographs: 29
2012 Autographs: 7762
2012 My donation: $38.47

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