Tuesday, November 1, 2011

World Series...A True Fall Classic

WOW! What a series! When we first started Autographs 4 Alopecia in the spring, we never knew how many autographs we would have of the World Series teams...after all, we are nowhere near Saint Louis or Texas! I told you earlier how my friend Roni grew up with Mike Napoli. She told him what we are doing and he sent us some cards and his catchers mask! Early in the season, we were sent some cards from Dave who manages Roger Dean Stadium, the spring training home of the Cardinals. Little did we know when we got them that some of them would be playing in the World Series!

There was also an alopecia areata connection with both teams...When Dave sent us the cards, he informed us that his daughter had alopecia areata and they wanted to help the cause. The Rangers connection is pitching coach Mike Maddux. His daughter also has alopecia and they've been involved in supporting NAAF. Autographs from both teams, alopecia areata connections with both teams, so who were we cheering for?

We were cheering for the Rangers. It was fun getting Mike Napoli's mask out and it would have been really cool for him to win the MVP! It was also fun looking back at the autographs we got from both teams. Congrats to the Cardinals on an unbelievable run to the title. As a baseball fan you had to love that! So we ended up with autogrpahs from 4 Cardinals...Mark McGwire, Adam Wainwright, Jason Motte, and Daniel Descalso...and 1 Ranger...Mike Napoli!

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  1. Wow...so cool boys!! I am SO proud of your work and I know you're making a HUGE difference. Keep up the great work - we love you guys and are so glad to be following your journey. Thanks for posting. <3